Up late doing homework…

It’s 12 am here, and I’m still working on my fashion merch project. We are working on textiles so i already know about them but this project is brutal…

Oh well, I hope everyone has some feedback on the recent activity it sure would make me feel better lol.

My hits spiked when I posted the new beret pattern and when i posted my new charts it went from 5 hits to 113 in 2 hours, pretty good if i must say so myself…

I’ll keep ’em coming knitters, bloggers, whatever you are :)

Warm Regards, Knittips


Old Xmas tree chart from last year

This is my tree chart from last year i just thought i would post this also for future reference. I am also posting these on Ravelry under my username Knittips if you cant find them again on my blog…

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Baby Boy Chart (The Y’s are smiles!)

The title basically tells everything. Its another chart, yes TWO IN ONE NIGHT ! This one has the lettering “baby boy” and the Y’s are smilies :) you can omit those if you wanted though… but i think they are adorable !

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To see full sized and proportionate image please click here to see:

Warm Regards, Knittips

SailBoat Chart

This is by far the easiest thing I think to chart, but it is good to start with. If you enjoy this chart please make sure to check back for more. If you found it on ravelry make sure to PM me telling me what you think :)

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Warm Regards, Knittips

Watching a movie and lacking inspiration…

I am watching a newly rented copy of “Up in the Air” with George Clooney, it is quite good so far.

On another note I have decided that charts of color work will also be in the same category as “two week patterns” so this takes a tad bit of pressure off of my shoulders because charts are relatively easy for me. So instead of having a fully written pattern you could get a surprise chart :)

Much Regards, Knittips

Not so new, New Year’s resolution…

For all my readers you know that I am a totally sporadic blogger. So, my totally late New Year’s resolution is to post at least once every day. And to attempt a new pattern every two weeks. Hope fully this will actually get me motivated to drop my Debbie Macomber book addiction and start knitting more once again. She has me HOOKED, what an amazing author! Well much love blog readers :)


A day in the life of a knitting, school attending, & overwhelmed mother…

As many of you know I am soon attending the Art Institutes for fashion marketing and management and hope to develop my own designers line. So lately I have been pretty busy therefore keeping me from my knitting and my blogging. That doesn’t settle with me quite as well as it has with my friends. I like my routine, it makes me feel better to have something I know I’m good at as a part of my day. I have been thinking of ideas for some super awesome, funky, cool mittens for the KnitPicks palette yarn I bought forever ago. I just can’t seem to find any inspiration :/ If you have any ideas for something you want different on a mitten then send me a message and I will attempt to design it for you and post a pattern!

Podcast Info

As most of my readers know I go to “knit night” on Tuesday nights and sit and knit with my fellow knitcrazy ladies. Well lately we have been talking about starting a radio show or something of the sort, then a few days ago a light kind of went off in my head so now we will be broadcasting our funny little chats on “podbean” or podbean.com

Our username is “cottageyarnqueens” if you can’t find us or are having trouble understanding what the heck i am talking about then feel free to mail me.

If you have anything you want us to answer in our podcast send us an E-mail at knittips@yahoo.com and if we know the answer we will answer it through our podcast!

Each new podcast will be aired either Tuesday night or sometime on Wednesdays.

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Cabled Phone Cozy by Jessica Athey AKA knittips

Cabled Phone Cozy by Jessica Athey AKA KNITTIPSAdd an Image

You will need :

4 double point needle size 2

Sport weight yarn, or double fingering weight (small amount)

Darning needle

Stitch marker

Various buttons

Cable Needle


1. Cast on 36 stitches and divide among 3 double pointed needles (13 sts on each needle)

2. Join and place stitch marker between first and second stitch

3. Knit in 2×2 ribbing for 13 rows

Cable rows:

(The cable running down the front of the cozy is knit in an 8 row repeat and the cable is a C8F.

1.) Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

2.)Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

3.)Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

4.)Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

5.)Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

6.)Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

7.) Knit 13, purl 2, knit 8, purl 2, knit13.

8.) Knit 13, purl 2, C8F, purl 2, knit 13.

(Repeat this 4 times, or until length fits your phone.)

(End on 7th row)

Decrease Rows:

(To create the rounded clean edge you will decrease until you only have 6 sts left on your needles)

1.)*K5, K2TOG* Repeat throughout round (30 sts)

2.)Knit all sts

3.)*k4, k2tog* repeat around entire round (24 sts)

4.)*k3, k2tog* repeat around entire round (18 sts)

5.)*k2, k2tog* repeat around entire round (12 sts)

6.)*k1, k2tog* repeat around entire round (6 sts)


1.)CO 2 sts onto double pointed needle.

2.)Knit I-cord back and forth until it fits around your chosen button.

3.) attach on the opposite side of cable.


1.)Draw yarn through all sts and secure.

2.)Weave in all ends on the ‘wrong side’

3.) Attach Button above cable in the ribbed area.

4.)VOILA !

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