Sorry for the long absence!

I am sitting in my math class, early as always and I realized I should really post something new. So here we go.


About 5 minutes ago I thought I had went to the wrong class, like wrong day wrong time kind of thing? But I think I’m in the right one now that I think about it. This whole fall back an hour thing has me all sorts of confused.


I have a project/presentation due today which I am kind of excited about but then again very frustrated that I did the whole project with 5 other group members who did not even send me an E-mail for an excuse. They just didn’t do anything! I’m ranting because we have a sheet where we grade our team members and they already don’t like me, so even though I did basically the whole project they are still going to give me a bad grade. Thank God I have a 115 in that class.


Anyways, knitting spinning crocheting and sewing news..

I have my dress for RenFest, and it is gorgeous just have to finish hemming it up.

I am working on the Sweet November Shawl (ravelry)

and I just finished teaching a crochet entrelac class last Friday

Doing pretty well I assume :)


Thanks for being patient with my sporadic posts :)


1 Comment

  1. knit tips said,

    November 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    Actually, I WAS in the wrong class. I was accidentally 2 hours early…

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