Afternoon Cap Pattern

I used the Araucania Antu yarn, but any yarn of the same light bulky weight will do.

I recommend using the Antu because the colors it uses are truly beautiful.

1 Skein of the Antu

size US#7 16″ circular knitting needle

Darning needle and stitch marker.

I use the knitted cast-on but you can use whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

Cast-on 59 sts

Move the last st onto your left needle and K2tog to join your round, you now have 58 stitches. (to make the hat bigger just add more sts but make sure your number is even.)

Make your ribbing for the brim of your hat by *k2, p2* continue this pattern until the ribbing measures 1.5-2″.

Once you have your ribbing done you begin in St st, until the entire hat is approximately 6″ from the C/O edge.

Now you will begin shaping the crown:

You will now decrease every other st.

Continue decreasing every other st, until you cannot use your Circular needle anymore.

Cut a long tail and thread through your darning needle, thread your tail through all sts on the needle.

Once you have all your sts threaded pull them off the needle and pull your tail really really tight, knot off and weave in ends!

VOILA, a beautiful simple cap.


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