“I liked her, before I found out she was a tight knitter”

“I liked her before I found out she was a tight knitter” is a quote from my soccer mom friend who we will call Georgia. I asked her what was wrong with her being a tight knitter and she told me that tight knitters are the stressed knitters. This could possibly have a grain of truth to it, someway. Now before everyone jumps down my throat and bites my head off I DO NOT in anyway think every tight knitter is a stressed knitter, I just realized when she said that, that I do knit and crochet a bit tighter when I am stressed or nervous. If you start on a project or pick up a project when you are stressed you are more likely to a variance in your gauge than you would compared to a project that you pick up and are carefree. It is a well known fact that knitting and crocheting is a stress relieving tool, in fact it is what my senior exit project was based upon, so would it not be somewhat truthful that while relieving your stress you also relieve your tension a bit?

I guess my main point is have a “stress time” project and a “no stress” project so that your gauge will not stray away from it’s beginning point.

I don’t know if this is helpful to anyone but I thought I would post and let everyone know what I think about matters :)

Happy knitting and warm regards,



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