Atlanta Braves Chart

Hey all, I decided to keep on charting :) Thanks for all the responses and e-mails about preference. Many said they prefer charts but don;t mind written instructions so i will continue my charting :)

This chart has special meaning, it is my boyfriends favorite baseball team and he asked me to make him a hat with it on there so I began charting this around 10 pm and finished about an hour later…

Well here you go!

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to see full size chart please click the following link:

as always the same rules apply;

Please do not claim this as your own colorwork/charting. You may link back to either my ravelry page or this blog.

I write my patterns and chart these charts so everyone can enjoy them, if you do not follow my rules then please find another pattern to use. Please do not knit and sell these items without my written consent.

Warm Regards, Knittips


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