Sorry for the long absence!

I am sitting in my math class, early as always and I realized I should really post something new. So here we go.


About 5 minutes ago I thought I had went to the wrong class, like wrong day wrong time kind of thing? But I think I’m in the right one now that I think about it. This whole fall back an hour thing has me all sorts of confused.


I have a project/presentation due today which I am kind of excited about but then again very frustrated that I did the whole project with 5 other group members who did not even send me an E-mail for an excuse. They just didn’t do anything! I’m ranting because we have a sheet where we grade our team members and they already don’t like me, so even though I did basically the whole project they are still going to give me a bad grade. Thank God I have a 115 in that class.


Anyways, knitting spinning crocheting and sewing news..

I have my dress for RenFest, and it is gorgeous just have to finish hemming it up.

I am working on the Sweet November Shawl (ravelry)

and I just finished teaching a crochet entrelac class last Friday

Doing pretty well I assume :)


Thanks for being patient with my sporadic posts :)


Afternoon Cap Pattern

I used the Araucania Antu yarn, but any yarn of the same light bulky weight will do.

I recommend using the Antu because the colors it uses are truly beautiful.

1 Skein of the Antu

size US#7 16″ circular knitting needle

Darning needle and stitch marker.

I use the knitted cast-on but you can use whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

Cast-on 59 sts

Move the last st onto your left needle and K2tog to join your round, you now have 58 stitches. (to make the hat bigger just add more sts but make sure your number is even.)

Make your ribbing for the brim of your hat by *k2, p2* continue this pattern until the ribbing measures 1.5-2″.

Once you have your ribbing done you begin in St st, until the entire hat is approximately 6″ from the C/O edge.

Now you will begin shaping the crown:

You will now decrease every other st.

Continue decreasing every other st, until you cannot use your Circular needle anymore.

Cut a long tail and thread through your darning needle, thread your tail through all sts on the needle.

Once you have all your sts threaded pull them off the needle and pull your tail really really tight, knot off and weave in ends!

VOILA, a beautiful simple cap.


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I hope you enjoy my patterns and blogging.

A wave of new things is about to happen so be sure to stick around!

New Etsy seller over here!

I finally set up my Etsy shop and I am placing things in as we type.

So excited, I hope I get some really interesting orders!

When I finally finish I will post the link to my shop :)

Cats and dogs

It is raining so bad here ! But a few good things about that are:

1. Andrew sleeps better, therefore I sleep better.

2. I don’t feel the need to get out of the house so I have more time to knit/crochet.

3. I save money on yarn, because of my fear of lightning.

So at this moment I feel that the rain is being a good lil friend until I finish some of these projects that either need to be seamed or embellished.

Thanks rain!

“I liked her, before I found out she was a tight knitter”

“I liked her before I found out she was a tight knitter” is a quote from my soccer mom friend who we will call Georgia. I asked her what was wrong with her being a tight knitter and she told me that tight knitters are the stressed knitters. This could possibly have a grain of truth to it, someway. Now before everyone jumps down my throat and bites my head off I DO NOT in anyway think every tight knitter is a stressed knitter, I just realized when she said that, that I do knit and crochet a bit tighter when I am stressed or nervous. If you start on a project or pick up a project when you are stressed you are more likely to a variance in your gauge than you would compared to a project that you pick up and are carefree. It is a well known fact that knitting and crocheting is a stress relieving tool, in fact it is what my senior exit project was based upon, so would it not be somewhat truthful that while relieving your stress you also relieve your tension a bit?

I guess my main point is have a “stress time” project and a “no stress” project so that your gauge will not stray away from it’s beginning point.

I don’t know if this is helpful to anyone but I thought I would post and let everyone know what I think about matters :)

Happy knitting and warm regards,


The deed is done !

Thank Goodness! I’m finally done with that project and almost high school in general! 2 more weeks and I will graduate, it’s so surreal.

Prom was Saturday night which was fun but definitely not the “blast” my parents thought it would be. I think they have a different image of what prom is nowadays haha. I don’t regret spending 140$ on tickets 8$ to park in the parking deck and 162 on my Fiance’s tux 180 on primping and God only knows how much my gown cost…But anyways, I personally think that prom is just a money grubbing waste of time…But “I had to go, if I didn’t I’d regret it for the rest of my life”.

On a positive note I made a wonderful tunisian crochet black wrap to go with my dress. It was made with Berroco Comfort in worsted weight. Super cute, and only took me a few hours to make.

Also, currently working on tunisian entrelac wrap made from Limerick by Wisdom Yarn Company, in the mauve and khaki colorway. Finished a few hats and a market bag with the yarn ‘Paper’ by Katia Yarn Company.

I’ll post pictures in the preceding posts because as of now it’s almost Midnight and truthfully I’m tired. I worked today and one of the customers was working on heir “great american afghan” and her yarn got caught up in knots, it was horrific.

Also, I am teaching a class in June for 9-11 year olds who want to learn to crochet and I need ideas on projects for them to choose from.

I was thinking a headband with a flowers hotglued on.

and maybe a small purse?

But truthfully who knows, right? well if you have any ideas feel free to comment or mail me.

Happy knitting, crocheting, blogging, and reading !

Warm Regards, Knittips

Sorry :(

I did not keep my posting promise ! But i have a good reason, I’ve been working on a really big project for school . Hopefully it will turn out good, but it’s not over till the fat lady sings! So wish me luck :)

Atlanta Braves Chart

Hey all, I decided to keep on charting :) Thanks for all the responses and e-mails about preference. Many said they prefer charts but don;t mind written instructions so i will continue my charting :)

This chart has special meaning, it is my boyfriends favorite baseball team and he asked me to make him a hat with it on there so I began charting this around 10 pm and finished about an hour later…

Well here you go!

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as always the same rules apply;

Please do not claim this as your own colorwork/charting. You may link back to either my ravelry page or this blog.

I write my patterns and chart these charts so everyone can enjoy them, if you do not follow my rules then please find another pattern to use. Please do not knit and sell these items without my written consent.

Warm Regards, Knittips

Question about personal preference…

Just wondering whether you prefer charts or written patterns?

I need to know what the moajority prefers so that i can continue posting patterns that everybody can enjoy using.

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